Wren’s the first shoe polish in the world

Wren's is a British shoe polish brand founded by Mr William Edward Wren in 1889. Based in Northampton, an area renowned for famous brands like Edward Green, Church’s and John Lobb, his shoe polish and dubbin were known for their exceptional quality and more products were researched and produced.

It is one of the few remaining shoe polish brands to exist through three centuries and will be celebrating her 130th anniversary in 2019.



1889: Wren’s was founded in Northampton under the name William Wren & Co. "Made In England Since 1889" was printed on all Wren’s products.


1892: Won the First Award during the Leather Trade Exhibition in Northampton among all other brands.


1903: Awarded Grand Prix (Grand Prize) at the International Exhibition held in Brussels.


1908: During the reign of King Edward VII, a Wren's advertisement for its Boot & Shoe Polish in 1908 appeared with the declaration “As used by all branches of His Majesty’s Service”.


1936 and after: Wren’s was awarded the the Royal Warrant during the reign of His Majesty, King George VI and Wren’s Shoe Polish and Dubbin may have been used by the Royal Army during World War Two.


1952: King George VI passed away and was succeeded by the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. The Royal Warrant printed on Wren’s products was amended with the following text "BY APPOINTMENT TO THE LATE H. M. KING GEORGE VI", very likely as a gesture of mourning for a great King.


1953: The Royal Warrant was continued under Queen Elizabeth II with all products bearing “BY APPOINTMENT TO H.M THE QUEEN. SHOE POLISH MFRS” MFRS meaning manufacturers.


1957: William Wren Limited merged with Meltonian Limited to become Meltonian Wren Limited. All products had “BY APPOINTMENT TO H.M THE QUEEN. MFRS. OF SHOE POLISH. MELTONIAN WREN LIMTED”.


1964: Meltonian Wren Limited was bought over by Reckitt and lost her Royal Warrant. "Made In England Since 1889" continues to appear on all products.


1980s: Products were launched under a combined name Meltonian Wren’s.


1991: Meltonian Wren’s was sold to Sara Lee and the brand lived out it’s presence till the next millennium.


2014: Hackson and Sons Ltd acquired the trademark rights of Wren’s with a new vision to make Wren’s Shoe Polish & Dubbin great again. 


2015: Hackson and Sons Ltd set up their Asia Pacific HQ in Singapore. 


2016: Wren's registered her first sale in more than a decade when the first Shoe Polish was sold in Singapore and New Zealand concurrently on January 22nd. 


2018: Wren's sales network expanded to New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Poland, UK, US and Canada.