Get up close and personal with the most precious commodity regarded by the soldiers during the Second World War, the ordinary shoe polish! Drop by our shoe care museum where about 200 past and present shoe care items are on display. Learn more about the history of shoe polish and how it has evolved in the last 150 years from our team.


From 1889 to 1960s, versions of Wren’s with Royal Warrant


If old stuff and history never interest you, why not drop by with your favourite pair of shoes or bag and seek a free consultation with our leather care artists? Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or single malt whisky, sit back and pick up a tip or two on leather care from our friendly team.


Horsehair, gloss and Dauber brush. Clean, apply and polish


For customers who are really keen to learn about leather care and shoe care, join us in our free leather care workshops where the objective is to share knowledge and advocate care for leather. The first workshop will be conducted in April 2016. 


Premium Cedar Wood Shoe Trees in Singapore