I get asked alot by young executives who have just purchased their first pair of decent priced shoes when they stepped into the working society. Be it in the UK, Singapore, New Zealand or any other countries. What shoe care products should they buy?  My answer is always:

  1. A shoe cream or a leather cream of the shoe's colour
  2. A dauber brush (Please refer to the picture in our Brushes page)
  3. Leather lotion cleaner (optional)
  4. Shoe polish (optional)
  5. Cloth from an old cotton T-shirt.

Is it really that simple? Yes, it is and most importantly, it is easy on the pocket. A shoe cream has evolved to be a multi-function product. It usually cleans, nourishes, restores the colour and protects the shoes once you have applied it. The cream usually takes off most of the residual and aging polish on the shoes when you polish it. Therefore please dun be alarmed by the sheer amount of colour that seems to have run off the shoes. As the shoe cream contains waxes, it usually provides a waterproof effect on the shoes albeit not a strong one.

You can invest on more stuff once you have more pairs of shoes and more money in the pocket. Oh, and a neutral shoe cream is definitely a useful product if you like your different colours.