ARTFORM for Hackson and Sons is not limited by any limits. Be it words, pictures or videos. It's free for everyone to express whatever they want to share. The best shoe repair shop in UK? The most skillful shoeshine master in Japan? The best places to get your shoe polish dope in Singapore? Feel free to share it with us, even in places or cities without Wren's. I believe we will find our way there.


Not many people actually knows that there are actually dedicated shoe polishing or shoe shining services in Singapore. In fact, there are only 2 left now in Singapore. We used to do them for friends and conducted classes even, but in the end it seems to come in conflict with some of our customers!

Do not worry about damaging your shoes because they usually use premium quality products for cleaning and nourishment, but if your shoes are already cracking, it would be tough to restore them back to their original glory. The climate in Singapore is actually one of the most damaging in the world for leather shoes and some form of shoe care is definitely required.

PM us for promo code if you are keen. Caring is sharing, mate.

I am surprised that shoe repair in Singapore is such a sought after word! 

A Contest for Shoe Shine?

A new pair of shoes needs...